Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kate's 100WC Week 6


Black  Flamingo  Extraordinary  Poked  Underneath

An Extraordinary, Magnificent, Brilliant, Black Flamingo

I curiously stroked it’s black, silky feathers. It didn’t make a sound. It was surprisingly calm and serene. It felt extraordinary, unlike anything else I had ever felt.

We were standing underneath a gorgeous willow. It shaded us from the harsh sun. Beside us there was a small pond. The water was settled, except for a few tiny bubbles.

Abruptly, a little blue fish’s head poked out from beneath the surface. The small noise from the splash made the creature turn. I quickly took my hand away. I was amazed to have found one.

An extraordinary, magnificent, brilliant, black flamingo.

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  1. Hi Kate, I just wanted your story to go on and on. I absolutely loved the adjectives you used in your story. It sounds like a beautiful place. I think I'd like to go there for some rest and relaxation. Well done Kate. I'm going to recommend this for Showcase. Best of luck!